*May have some triggers, so please be careful when reading*

Depression is a word that sounds so foreign everytime it’s heard. I mean, you hear about it, but until it causes something extreme, it’s just an emotion. Something you just can’t quite understand.

This feeling, (let’s call it a feeling), causes heartbreak, dispair, longing, emptyness. It drives people away- actually, you do, because it makes you feel worthless like you’re not worth their time.

I’ve watched people with depression end with suicide.

I’ve watched it destroy marriages and relationships.

I’ve watched it turn a happy teenage boy into a train wreck.

I’ve never seen it create a relationship, but I’ve seen relationships grow stronger because of it (let’s talk about this in a different post, okay?).

But it’s not cute. It’s not beautiful. It’s not some romantic idea that you can turn into a book and sell.

Wanna know what’s beautiful/cute/romantic? Someone depressed learning to love themselves. Learning that they’re not perfect but do deserve to love. Learning how to help others who suffer similarly. Even learning how to fight for happiness…

They deserve self love, your love, my love, our love, God’s love. They deserve love. And you do, too.

So, please, if you’re struggling with depression, reach out to somebody. Anybody. I am adding a few photos with hotlines for different countries, and a text message hotline for the USA. Please be safe, okay?

This is one girl’s madness.


Blog One Doesn’t Need A Cool Title

Who even reads blogs, right?

Kidding, kidding. Just chill, okay?

This blog is what one would call a “personal” blog- I don’t really have a theme. I just want to help people, share my opinion, and use my voice to make a difference.

And I hope to do so with my words. But since that’s a goal for so many people, I have very little hope in success. Though I am going to put in a lot of work to succeed.

To be clear, my topics will range from politics, to hacks, to motivation tips, to depression, to TV shows I love. Basically anything I can think of to post. This is my space to share, and I am going to use it.

So, a bit about your lovely blogger:

  • I believe in God and know Jesus as my Savior, so there is hope out there, I suppose.
  • Like the name, my blog is going to be a beautiful sort of madness. I plan to post what comes to mind, and hope people enjoy it.
  • Lots of people see me as happy go lucky.
  • I am a seventeen year old female who is homeschooled and studying for her HiSet.
  • It’s pronounced Muh-ree-uh
  • I’m eccentric and idiosyncratic.
  • I love photography, writing, reading, and listening to music.

That’s all for now!

This is one girl’s madness.