Blog One Doesn’t Need A Cool Title

Who even reads blogs, right?

Kidding, kidding. Just chill, okay?

This blog is what one would call a “personal” blog- I don’t really have a theme. I just want to help people, share my opinion, and use my voice to make a difference.

And I hope to do so with my words. But since that’s a goal for so many people, I have very little hope in success. Though I am going to put in a lot of work to succeed.

To be clear, my topics will range from politics, to hacks, to motivation tips, to depression, to TV shows I love. Basically anything I can think of to post. This is my space to share, and I am going to use it.

So, a bit about your lovely blogger:

  • I believe in God and know Jesus as my Savior, so there is hope out there, I suppose.
  • Like the name, my blog is going to be a beautiful sort of madness. I plan to post what comes to mind, and hope people enjoy it.
  • Lots of people see me as happy go lucky.
  • I am a seventeen year old female who is homeschooled and studying for her HiSet.
  • It’s pronounced Muh-ree-uh
  • I’m eccentric and idiosyncratic.
  • I love photography, writing, reading, and listening to music.

That’s all for now!

This is one girl’s madness.